Hamilton triumphs in Qualifying

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After a facinating qualifying session in Melbourne, Lewis Hamilton topped the timesheets in Q3 to take a fine Pole position, however the surprise of the afternoon was surely the speed of Kubica in the BMW. The polish driver made a costly mistake on his final flying lap which lost him several tenths of a second, to put him only just behind the McLaren of Hamilton. The prospect of two of the future megastars of F1 starting the Grand Prix tomorrow is tantalising, almost as much as the thought of Kimi Raikkonnen scything his way through the field from 16th place on the grid. Raikkonnen was not allowed to take part in Q3 as he was deemed to have stopped out on the track by the Stewards, albeit only several yards from the entrance to the pitlane.
Other interesting developments included the steady rise from the bottom of the grid of Honda, who just narrowly missed out on the top 10, as did Alonso in the Renault.
The stage is set for a fantastic race, and indeed a classic season. The cars are looking right on the edge, and the tightest of margins can make or break a race weekend. Let battle commence....


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