F1 coverage returns to BBC

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Well, it's happened. After years of praying to every God I could think of, ITV will no longer be showing Formula One coverage from the start of the 2009 season. No more Steve Ryder (I hope), no more ad breaks interrupting left right and center... non...stop... coverage. This is great news, especially coupled with the fact that the BBC are apparently going to continue ITV's innovation of 'simulcasting' the race live on the internet. F1 fans the world over will be rejoicing.
However, when something as established as this changes in F1, it is hard not to feel a slight pang of nostalgia and fear of change. Will Martin Brundle still entertain us with his grid walk? Will the BBC take a while to get back into their stride, and what will happen if the Grand Prix clashes with one of the BBC's other big sporting franchises such as international football? Murry Walker said today that he "almost fell out of bed" when he heard the news. Let's hope the whole of the ITV crew are equally woken up by this news.


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