The FIA are said to be in discussions regarding the fate of Max Mosey, according to the BBC. On a day when almost all the F1 manufacturers publicly denounced the actions of Max Mosely, it is looking increasingly likely that the British head will lose his job. Toyota were the first manufacturer to release a statement, quickly followed by the German manufacturers BMW and Mercedes.

F1 personality Paul Stoddart claims that there is no option now but for Mosely to resign from his unpaid position. "Mosley is actually dragging the FIA down into the gutter and until he goes it will have no credibility" said the Australian.

Already we're seeing some pretty heavy off-track drama; is this precedent here to stay in Formula One?

Max Mosely has been advised not to travel to this weekend's Grand Prix in Bahrain amid the scandal that has seen a video of him with five prostitutes released onto the internet. It would seem that Bernie Ecclestone advised his friend Mosely to stay away from the Grand Prix so as not to upset the Bahraini Royal Family or divert publicity away from events on the track.
Meanwhile there have predictably been calls for his resignation, most notably from former F1 driver Jody Scheckter. Who else thinks that It was Ron Dennis who took the video?

One of the best F1 starts

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On a recent youtube binge I discovered this gem of a video. IT shows possibly one of the most incredible starts in the modern era, with Mika Hakkinen blitzing Schumacher in Suzuka. No doubt we will see one or two amazing starts like this in 2008 now that traction control has been banned...

You just couldn't make this up. Max Mosely, president of Formula One's governing body the FIA, has allegedly been filmed by UK tabloid the News of the World engaged in "a Nazi death-camp role play orgy with five prostitutes". Now, I know it's the time of year for pranks and jokes, but April Fool's day is a good 13 hours away. The authenticity of the story has yet to be verified, but if true, the implications could be extremely damaging for F1, especially considering the recent race row in Spain.
For more on the story follow this link.

Lewis Hamilton fastest by a tenth

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Lewis Hamilton topped the timesheets in this morning's free practice for the Malaysian Grand Prix, beating a rather hot-headed Massa by just over a tenth of a second. Massa had earlier refused to apologise to David Coulthard over the incident that put the scot out of last week's Australian Grand Prix. Coulthard himself had more on his mind as he suffered a spectacular incident when his suspension shattered over a kurb. This weekend promises to be no less exhilerating.

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