Well, the 2008 season is well underway, and I almost feel like I have just witnessed a year's worth of F1 action. Cars sliding about the place, major upsets, and some promising drives made the Australian Grand Prix nailbiting right up until the chequered flag. Hamilton drove a superb race, and the lack of coverage of his drive was reminiscent of Schumacher's dominant years when you would see him only 3 or 4 times during a race he was so far in front. Big trouble at Ferarri, with technical issues bugging Raikonnen, and both drivers looking skittish, particularly when under pressure. BMW showed well, though Kubica's eventual pace and subsequent retirement was disappointing. I still have high hopes for Heidfeld and the young Pole, as the looked confident at the front.
What tarnished the race for me however, the first of which was Vettel's exit after such a promising position on the grid. I felt even more for his team mate Bourdais, having to deal with a blown engine 3 laps from the end, and after having fought off Kovalainen and Alonso on his debut.
Still, the foundations are there for an absolutley classic Formula 1 season, and I cannot wait.


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