After the latest round of testing in Spain and Bahrain, it has become clear just how quick the new Ferrari is looking. While most teams continued their pre-season programmes at the Circuit de Catalunya, Ferrari and Toyota travelled out to the middle east to perfect the setup of their cars. It was here on Tuesday that Raikkonen smashed last year's pole position time of 1:31.359 by almost a second, without driver aids. Massa, predictably, was not quite as quick, but still beat his fastest lap from last year by a tenth of a second. The Toyotas proved to be unreliable and off the pace, unfortunately leaving us in the dark as to how the other teams compare to the speed of the Raikkonen and Massa, however the fact that even without traction control they are going quicker than last season is highly impressive. This must be a serious wake up call to Honda, BMW and Toyota who have all touted themselves as potential race winning teams for 2008/2009 - must try harder guys.


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