Alonso talking a load of Bull?

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Fernando Alonso, evicted McLaren driver and disgruntled former world champion has yet to make his mind up over where he wants to drive next year. Apparently there is deadlock between him and Renault, who allegedly want to lock him into a long-term contract, whist his negotiations with Red Bull have been kept very much under wraps. Both Coulthard and Webber insist they will be driving for Red Bull next season, so there is a genuine question mark over where the Spaniard will end up. Red Bull showed glimmers of potential in the 2007 season, with several strong performances, and with a reliable Ferrari engine and Adrian Newey designing all the spikey bits of the car, you wouldn't bet against them winning the odd Grand Prix over the coming seasons. However, I cannot imagine Alonso sticking around there long without a serious paycheck and guarantee of results which begs the question, what the hell is he doing? Please let's not see him suffer the fate of Damon Hill, who followed up his Championship win in '96 with a career busting stint at Arrows and Jordan. As much as I think Alonso was immature in his approach to 2007, he is a great driver, and we will all miss out if he is not up there avenging his 'poor' season at McLaren with Hamilton, Raikkonen ad Massa.


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