Schumacher to return to F1?

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Well it seems that the Schumacher brothers have been making headlines recently. Brother Michael has been kicking up a storm in Brazil, having won an annual Karting hosted by his former Ferrari team mate Felipe Massa. Schumacher Senior beat the likes of Rubens Barrichello, Luca Badoer and Nelson Piquet Jnr to claim victory in ront of 10,000 Brazilian fans. This comes after the news that Schumacher will be conducting further tests for Ferrari over the winter, as the teams look to adapt their cars to the new 2008 regulations. It's all interesting stuff, however I cannot understand the buzz around this bit of news.

More intriguing is Ralf's cheeky attempt at catching the eye of Mclaren's management for the seat recently vacated by 'Fernan-go' Alonso. Can anyone remember when Ralf was a really great driver? Me neither. With the competitive driver's market of today, I think there is more chance of England qualifying for Euro 2008 than Ralf harnessing up in one of the Silver Arrows. In fact, whilst I'm at it, let's here a big boo for Giancarlo Fissichella, Rubens Barrichello and, dare I say it, David Coulthard, who in my opinion should all have the good grace to move over and let some fresh young blood into the sport. Imagine a grid of 22 Lewis Hamiltons, all fresh-faced and chomping at the bit, sliding some of the most expensive and powerful cars around with glee, rather than the melodrama of yet another processional performance from the likes of Ralf. Bring on Piquet Jnr, Glock and Vettel.


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